Gorefield Street Pride
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About Gorefield Street Pride, nr Wisbech
Gorefield Street Pride in Cambridgeshire
The Gorefield Street Pride Group has been active since forming in April 2011. We started with a generous funding for equipment from Cambridgeshire Community Foundation and a grant from Fenland District Council which allowed for the purchase of equipment and plants. Initially our main aim was to tidy up the village and as a result a lot of effort was put into litter picking and dumped rubbish removal in the village and surrounding countryside.

We recently applied for and received a grant from Fenland District Council to support the school with help and equipment to set up a wildlife and garden produce area. This has now taken shape with trees, bushes and flowering plants to encourage insects and a hedgehog house. The school also received some plant propogation equipment so that students could bring seeds etc in and grow food produce such as tomatoes, pepers, melons etc.

Other projects we have been involved in include planting daffodil bulbs, filling oak barrels with winter/summer planting, hedge and tree cutting and tidying up the Pocket Park.

Volunteers from the group also worked along side a couple of probationers to paint out the graffiti that had been sprayed on the previous sports pavilion making it look much less offensive to the local community.

Air source heating system
Family group litter picking
outside the school
The group were also involved in a public consultation with the residents of Oxfield Drive about a piece of unused land near the play area. This was designated as public open space by the developers but house owners soon found out that only a third had actually been set aside as open space. The remainder was left to become overgrown with unused with building materials littering the ground. The group wanted to create a more welcoming area by planting trees, sowing wild flower seeds and creating a nature area for all to enjoy with walk ways and seating. Unfortunately the developers did not share our vision and refused access to the area.

The group meet on the third Saturday of every other month in the Community Hall car park at 10am starting the year in January. Please check the Diary page to confirm meeting dates and times and the Events page for any scheduled projects.

We welcome fresh ideas and new activities and if you have anything to offer or would like to help with anything please contact us.
Gorefield Street Pride Group:
Name Office Gorefield Pocket Park getting a tidy up
John Timms Chairman
John Timms Secretary / Treasurer
Chris Seaton Group Member
Sue Turner Group Member
Marie Humphrey Group Member
Emma McGuire Group Member
Tommy McGuire Group Member
Alec Gagen Group Member
Rosemary Gagen Group Member
Brian Frewsher Group Member
Michael Group Member  
Jane McQuade Group Member  
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