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Street Pride Struggling With Lack of Support From Villagers

The number of volunteers in the group has dropped recently to a very low level. This makes projects like litter picking difficult as we can only cover small areas in the 2 hours allocated and are not able to cover the whole village. As a result of the drop in numbers we have also decided to reduce the number of sessions to one every two months in the hope that more will attend on those days.

We are also involved in projects such as cleaning road signs, trimming the willow tunnel on the Playing Field, trimmimg overgrown hedges around the village and maintaining the Pocket Park. We would like to improve the Pocket Park further by removing all the brambles, pruning the bushes and trees and doing some planting. We do have funds available for plants and bushes, we just need some ideas on lanscaping.

Anyone interseted in helping for a couple of hours to keep the village clean and tidy please contact John using the Contact Us form.

Gorefield Primary School Habitat Project

An area of land at the school was earmarked to be converted into a wildlife habitat and cultivation area.

Funding was already been secured, through Fenland District Council, to provide supplies and equipment to set this up. The plan was to build and install a bug hotel along with other structures and plants to encourage insects, birds and other wildlife, such as forgs and hedgehogs, to frequent the area.

The other aspect of the project was to provde an area for pupils to use to plant seeds etc. brought into school in the form of fruit and vegetables, so they can see the plants, and fruits, develope from them.

The school took up the challenge and set up the area, planting apple trees and vegetables in raised beds. A corner area was set up with a pathway around the inside and palnting has continued there. A shed/greenhouse has been set up and Street Pride, using the grant from Fenland District Council, purchased tools, a wheelbarrow, trays and propogators, one for each class, to germinate seeds.

Would anyone interested in joining us please contact John using the Contact Us form.

Village Enhancement
  Chapel Cemetery Clearance of Suckers
We have recently discussed and highlighted various areas around the village as future projects. These are:

Chapel cemetery clearance of suckers near railings
Oxfield Drive hedge on corner
Strip of land on corner of Fendyke Lane
Pocket Park
Gote Lane copse near pumping station
Re-siting of village award signs
Richmond Green bungalow hedges over the path

(Click list entry to see photo)
The suckers at the base of the trees need cutting back
More information about when these projects will be tackled will be available in the Diary.
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